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Sundays:  10:00 am  Worship in Sanctuary

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About Us

Our Mission Statement proclaims our common goal.

We strive to be a welcoming, worshiping community of faith,
helping people discover and deepen their relationship with God,
growing as disciples of Christ and reaching out in faith and loving service.


2013 Board Members:

Executive Team: (2 year terms – up to 2 terms)
Chair             Julie Warren (2014) 1st term
Vice-Chair         Kate Dailey (2014) 1st term
Welcoming         Robin Suttell (2015) -1st term
Nurture & Growth     Val Mechenbier  (2015) - 1st
Outreach         Mark Hogan (2014) 1st term
Moderator         Vicki Smigelski (2014) 1st term
Treasurer         Mike Mizen (2015) 1st term

Administrative Board: (2 year term – up to 7 members)
Judy Foote (2015)- 1st term  
Jim Gibbs (2015) -1st term
Karen Hill (2015) – 2nd term
Steve Hotchkiss (2015) -2nd  term
Scott Richardson (2014) -1st term
Scott Suttell (2014)- 1st term
Lori Waddell (2014) -1st term

Diaconate: (2 year term-up to 12 members – up to 2 terms)
John Bando (2015) – 2nd term
Bill Frauenfelder (2015) – 2nd term
Kristen Humphreys (2014) – 1st term
John Kasper (2014)- 1st term
Chiquita Matthews (2015)- 1st term
Kelly Payne (2014)- 1st term
Kris Payne (2014) -1st term
Amy Smith (2015) -1st term
Matt Smith (2014) -1st term
Ellen Tudron (2015) -1st term
Nicky Wills (2014) -1st term
Greg Wereb (2015) -1st term