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What Does It Mean to be a Member of Lakewood Congregational Church?

It means to be part of a fellowship of Christians.

  1. We believe that God's love for us was most clearly revealed in Jesus Christ, who is the head of the church. We believe that the God revealed to us by Jesus is the Creator, and has created us in the very image of God. We believe that God continues to sustain, strengthen and guide us by the presence of the Holy Spirit in all the situations of our lives.
  2. We celebrate our unity in Christ despite our wonderfully varied backgrounds and perspectives and exclude no one. We welcome all regardless of race, gender, age, color, national or cultural background, sexual orientation or economic status. We seek neither a rigid doctrine nor an uncritical acceptance of any point of view. Instead, we challenge one another to a life of faithfulness to Christ and to God's Word, as God's Spirit teaches and leads us.
  3. We gather for worship to celebrate God's love and goodness; give thanks for God's blessings; receive guidance and direction for their lives through Scripture sermon and music; dedicate themselves to the service of God; and to be empowered for the doing of God's will in the world.
  4. We welcome all into our fellowship! Because we are convinced that all persons are loved by God, regardless of race, age, gender or origin. We care for and accept one another, and reach out to those who need our help.
  5. We have as one of our priorities the instruction of children, youth and adults in Christian faith and values, enabling them to transform the world in which they live.
  6. We are called to minister to each other, and to others around us. Some of us are called to serve by using a special training in pastoral services, but each one of us is a "minister", and shares responsibility for the life and mission of our church by the giving of our time, abilities, and money.
  7. We believe that both the sacrament of Baptism and the sacrament of Holy Communion, distinctive marks of people who follow Jesus Christ, play a central and important part in the life of the church.
  8. We are involved in Christ's wider church through shared ministry with local and national mission and outreach.